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Very few people know about this but the website for the U.S. Embassy in Lima, Peru provides a list of clinics and doctors in Lima that can be a good starting point if you need to see a doctor, find an asthma clinic, consult a pediatrician or see a dentist. Of course, the Embassy cannot vouch or in any way be responsible for the clinics and doctors listed but the information is collected from the Embassy’s personnel and their families past experiences. One important detail is that the majority of doctors in this list speak English and believe me, when you want to describe your illness to the doctor you want to be well understood.

In this list you will find Clinics, Dentists, Pediatricians, Allergists (very important for those suffering of allergies, asthma or any other respiratory illness), Cardiologists, Obstetricians, Gynecologists and much more.

So here is the link.

Just in case this link gets updated and it doesn’t work anymore, here is how to get to it:

1) From the Citizen Services (link) choose Attorney and Medical Resources in the vertical menu.

2) In the Legal and Medical Information page you will find the links for a list of local lawyers and a list of medical resources.

Again, this list is provided without any endorsement from the U.S. Embassy or this blog. It is provided as a starting point to help you in your search for medical services. I had been in some of the Clinics mentioned in the list and I can tell you that are among some of the best Medical Centers in Lima, Peru. No experiences with any of the doctors though. I welcome your personal medical experiences in the Comments sections that will help other travelers.

One last thing before closing this post. Always call to make an appointment before showing up in person, not because is required (although in some cases it is) but because many businesses in Lima close for lunch for a couple of hours every day.

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